The dynamic router will look for content in this order based on the url slugs:

  1. Page
  2. Entry Types
  3. Taxonomy Types
  4. Events

The router will look for a corresponding blade in the Neutrino vendor views.

/my-page -> page.blade.php

/posts -> entry-archive.blade.php

/posts/my-article -> entry.blade.php

/category -> taxonomy.blade.php

/category/shirts -> taxonomy-term.blade.php

/events -> events.blade.php

/events/my-event -> event.blade.php

You can override specific blades by adding the specific slug to the blade file name:

/my-page -> page-my-page.blade.php

/news -> entry-news.blade.php

/posts/my-article -> entry-my-article.blade.php

/category -> taxonomy-category.blade.php

/category/shirts -> taxonomy-term-shirts.blade.php

/events/my-event -> event-my-event.blade.php