Work in progress

// Get a menu in array or html
getMenu($menuName, $type = 'array');
// getMenu('Main Menu', 'html') array|html

// Get content for page or entry

// Trim words for content
trimWords($text, $num_words = 5, $more = '...');

// Get a form and fields in array
// You can find the ID on the forms list page
// Get a form and fields in HTML
getFormHTML($id, array $options);
$options['ul_parent'] = true; // Will wrap the menu list in UL tag

// Get custom fields for pages, entries or taxonomies
$data->custom_fields; // All of the fields will be returned in the $data variable in the blade.
getRepeater('key', $repeater);
// See Custom Fields example below

// Get Settings
// getSetting('allow_comments')

// Get Featured Image
getFeaturedImage($id, $objectType);
// $id would be your page or entry id
// $objectType would be page, entry, taxonomy, or event.

// Get Image Sizes
getImageSizes($imagePath); // the image path from $data